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Earning and Sustaining Relevance

Twenty years from now, some of the most recognized companies in the world will not exist. Household name brands will become footnotes in history. Many factors contribute to organizational longevity, perhaps none more than relevance with stakeholders: employees, clients and partners.

Earning and sustaining relevance – pertinence, meaningfulness, importance – with stakeholders is a result of effective strategic management. That’s where SACG adds value – serving our clients in defining, designing, and delivering their future state.

Strategy Design & Delivery

Create an action plan that looks good on paper, and in practice.

Change Leadership

Be the leader of innovation within your industry.

Process Design

Ensure the big picture and small details are properly aligned.

Organizational Restructuring

Write your organization’s blueprint based on its strategy.

Executive Coaching

Master your behaviors and actions to mesh with the vision.

Our Latest Thinking

Our thoughts and resources on Earning and Sustaining Relevance.

We work with our clients to make their vision clear and meaningful.


Vision sets the course and informs action. What do we do (mission), why do we do it (purpose), and how do we fulfill our mission (strategy) are essential questions an organization must answer in order to define its place in the world. Taken together, the answers define an organization’s vision.

We help clients practice strategic management that aligns with their vision.


Strategy is a process. Strategy is a constantly-evolving process that guides an organization’s daily actions to fulfill a vision; it is the bridge between current reality and the vision. We prepare clients to practice strategic management and avoid actions (tactics) that don’t align with the vision or are out of phase with the strategy.

We empower clients through a delivery roadmap to remain aligned with the vision.

Delivery is as important as design. Far too often, organizations invest in developing strategy, then engage in daily activities that are completely out of alignment with their vision. Good strategy diligently executed is more impactful and powerful than excellent strategy poorly executed. We empower clients through a plan delivery roadmap and processes to remain aligned with the vision.

We help clients “paint by the numbers” to bring their vision to life.


Simplicity. Einstein said everything should be made as simple as possible, and not one bit simpler. Strategy must be simply describable by every member of an organization, in terms of how each individual’s activities contribute to the vision. We help clients and their organizations “paint by the numbers” to bring their vision to life.

We help identify core competencies & define how to best leverage these strengths.


Competencies first. Core competencies—those inherent strengths of an organization, the things they do uncommonly well—must inform vision, and the vision must align with these competencies. Building from strengths creates a foundation for an agile, adaptive organization. We help our clients identify their competencies and define how best to leverage these strengths in alignment with their vision.

We guide clients in the process of ongoing realignment with their vision.


Adaptive refinement. Perfect plan execution requires perfect conditions; real life delivery requires continuous monitoring and refinement to course-correct the activities engaged in to fulfill the vision. We guide clients in the process of preemptive change initiation, creative destruction and ongoing realignment with their vision.

We help our clients develop a process for gathering candid customer feedback. 


Continuous quest for value-adds. Thriving organizations continually seek new opportunities to be more valuable to their customers. We deliver a process for our clients’ candid assessment of customer value in their journey to vision fulfillment.

“Given the velocity of today’s operating environment, one of the greatest responsibilities of leadership is driving continual evolution of the organization. That means every action leaders take must be aligned with a vision that speaks to the value their company delivers to its customers. SACG’s works with clients to define, design and deliver their vision. That means assuring the organization is attuned to their customers, aligned with their vision and agile in navigating change.”

Dave Coffaro
Founder & CEO of SACG

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