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We believe in a truly collaborative approach to serving clients. Acting as a partner instead of an outside party ensures that we stay with you throughout our work together. From ideation to implementation—we’re partners with you. Our experience becomes your experience, and our expertise becomes your expertise.

Dave Coffaro, Founder of SACG, has more than 30 years of experience as a strategic organizational advisor, leader of diverse teams, and developer of people. A proven designer and initiator of growth-focused business strategies, Dave continues to refine his craft and lead his profession. SACG was founded on his experience and he is the engine that continually drives us to provide expert insights and produce practical results.

Company Vision

Why Us?

We serve clients by helping them define, design and deliver their vision.

We know that a foundational pillar for all successful organizations is a shared vision. We help bring an organization’s vision to life by deconstructing it into actionable strategies and processes to guide all daily activities.

Together we’ll generate a well-defined strategy, then create lasting momentum to change behaviors and processes within your team. Implementation is the most important part of any plan—so we won’t leave you to figure out how to execute complex strategies on your own.

Throughout the process, we collaborate with you to ensure that your organization is attuned to customers, aligned with your vision, and agile in navigating change.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of developing strategy can feel overwhelming; how do you make it manageable?

We believe strategy is a framework for decision making and performing activities toward a specific state. In order to make the right decisions and engage in the right activities, we work beside you to define your future state, design an actionable roadmap and help you deliver on the roadmap.

It seems like often, major change initiatives stall out or are unsuccessful. What causes a change effort to be successful?

There are five fundamental factors needed to overcome inertia that stifles change programs – vision, engagement, communication, actualization and reinforcement. Our view is that every venture begins with vision – what an organization wants to demonstrate. From there, engagement with all stakeholders – employees, partners, owners – in the vision gives the change endeavor traction and sustainability. Regular communication with stakeholders about where the organization is going, progress and accomplishments toward the vision creates transparency. Actualization is bringing specific results to life and highlighting progress to the organization. Reinforcement means frequent re-articulation of the vision, the roadmap to fulfil it and progress. Having a committed partner like SACG can help fulfil each of these factors.

How does an organization find stability when there is so much change taking place in business?

Stability in a fast-moving environment is achieved through anchoring to the guiding vision. As the operating environment changes, sustaining a focus on what the company does (mission), why they do it (purpose), and how they fulfill their mission (strategy) leads to greater organizational stability. With a clear vision, organizations can find comfort in uncertainty and stability in progress.

The idea of “vision” seems ethereal or touchy-feely; is it practical?

Vision is a state of being that an organization expects to create. As your partner, we will help you identify your organization’s core competencies through the pragmatic process of defining and designing your vision. Core competencies put a fine point on the organization’s vision and provide clarity about day-to-day activities. 

What is the connection between strategy and process design?

Strategy is a framework for decision making and performing activities toward a specific state of being. Process design comes from a granular deconstruction of activities into manageable, repeatable steps. SACG helps assure that processes align with strategy and vision to elevate organizational effectiveness and enhance results.

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