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We guide clients in the process of ongoing realignment with their vision. As partners in this process, we know our work isn’t finished after one or two meetings—that’s why we work hard to pass on important information, new perspectives, and content that keeps you on track with your vision.

Why Your Organization’s Relevance Matters

Why Your Organization’s Relevance Matters

Twenty years from now some of the most recognized companies in the world will not exist. Consider the fact that some household name brands become footnotes in history such as Toys-R-Us, Blockbuster, Plymouth, or Palm. External factors unfolded or perhaps company...

What is the Shelf Life of Normal?

What is the Shelf Life of Normal?

As workplaces try and adjust to the circumstances dictated by the pandemic, fluidity is key. Thursday, October 31, 2013, is not a date that stands out in the minds of most Americans. Sure, it was Halloween. But beyond trick-or-treaters, their parents, and candy...

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow (with strategy)

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow (with strategy)

  "Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow)" -- a great Fleetwood Mac song and lyric, an even better strategic leadership concept. The new year is on the horizon. Still, there is much terrain to cover in the current year. Melding the future-state vision with tasks of...

Shelf Life of Normal

When compliance and business development work in tandem, everyone wins. We may view "normal" as a destination. In reality, it is a point on a continuum of perpetual motion. What does this mean for organizations? Check out this video for more.           Get In touch...

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